Breuer House

Designed as pieces of architectural furniture, two sculptural wooden forms rest in opposition to one another along the boundary of the open-plan townhouse floor. The objects serve as both functional container—uniting stair, bathroom, cabinet, and seating—and spatial regulator, imposing a rhythmic order to the usual domestic activities of living, dining and cooking.

The forms relate to one another in the singular use of material, and in their uncomplicated rectangular volumes, individually proportioned to express the length and height of the space respectively. Within these outline geometries, the various functions are incorporated by pushing, pulling and cutting actions.

At the stair, vertical timber slats permit daylight from a skylight on the upper floor to diffuse into the space, providing a dynamic modulation of natural light which registers the changing ambient conditions.

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  • Sector
    Residential - Single Family
  • Status
    Completed 2019
  • Location
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Team
    General Contractor
    TJ Carpentry
    Nico Schinco
“Wood was selected because of its ability to effectively scale, and for its relatable visual and tactile connotations with furniture.”

— Simon Arnold

Light from an upper level skylight filters through the vertical oak slats of the staircase, bringing natural light into the center of the floor.

The service spaces of the home are concealed within the wooden staircase volume.