vessel floats

Vessel Floats is a sensory deprivation and float therapy spa in Greenpoint, New York City. The spa occupies a glass-fronted retail space that is slightly elevated and setback from the street, providing a natural break from the energy of the city.

The design strategy was to engage with the experiential aspect of floating and the holistic wellness direction the practice is taking. Both the configuration of spaces and selection of materials combine to involve the visitor in a series of immersive spaces.

The layout is conceived as an annular path on which the float room marks the midpoint. Visitors move from the ambient lighting of the reception along a progressively darker and quieter sequence of spaces. An initial entry hall carved into the lobby walls is clad in dark gray corrugated felt; a natural material used for its soft texture and sound absorbing properties.

From here, a dramatically linear main hall provides access to six float rooms. A massive ceiling-mounted gold mirror ringed by a low-level light blurs the hallway’s physical boundaries and alters visitors’ visual perception. In contrast, the flotation rooms are intimate spaces entirely clad in cleaved slate stone, as if entering a rock-pool.

At the lounge space a distinctly three-dimensional wall is composed of a series of overlapping scalloped impressions that define seating, reception, and hallway entry areas. Each area is materially different: the seating area is lined with vertical oak batons and yellow banquette, the reception area in deep blue felt, and in contrast, the overlapping hallway areas are extensions of the dark gray corrugated felt. A free standing reception desk mirrors the wall’s form and is made out of the same concrete as the floor.

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  • Sector
    Commercial - Health & Wellness
  • Status
    Completed 2020
  • Location
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Area
    2,100 sf
  • Team
    MEP Engineer
    Brand Identity
    Chaunte Vaughn
  • Awards
    Frame Awards 2021 - Health Club of the Year, Shortlist
“It was rewarding to play a part in the formation of Vessel Floats’ identity, and to see the client embrace our concept for the space as an integral part of their holistic wellness vision.”

— Simon Arnold

Dark gray corrugated felt lines the hallways between the lobby and float rooms. The tactile material absorbs light and sound in these transitionary areas.

A ceiling-mounted gold mirror blurs the boundary of the hallway and augments the space.

Within the individual flotation pools, visitors can curate their experience with immersive color and sound baths.

Each float room is comprised of a personal changing and shower space, clad throughout in slate stone, and provides direct access to the pool.

1   Reception
2   Pre-float lounge
3   Sensory deprivation float room
4   Support room
5   Vanity
6   Bathroom
7   Post-float lounge

“Simon & his team were an absolute pleasure to work with, I would recommend them without hesitation. Their portfolio of work speaks for itself. Our end product went above and beyond our expectations tenfold. They were so helpful in guiding us through permitting, contractor selection, and construction and were a great ally in helping us stay within budget whilst upholding the integrity of the design.”

— Christian R, Vessel Floats, NY