Kessler apartment

In its previous life, Kessler Apartment was two side-by-side one-bedroom apartments. Our clients occupied one of the units and decided to purchase the adjacent unit after a prolonged search for a larger space for their growing family.

The apartment is in Manhattan's West Village, on an upper floor of a historically significant and now Landmark protected, pre-war building.

In combining the apartments, we set out to reference the flexible and light-filled loft the clients had occupied in their formative New York City lives. By replacing traditionally arranged walls—which had formed a series of dark, confined spaces—a procession of built-in cabinets performs double duty as screen elements, creating a threshold anteroom at the entrance and a buffer between the kitchen and living areas.

Circulation within the apartment has been redirected along the window wall to provide the family with a more direct interaction with the exterior and the iconic views of the midtown Manhattan skyline.

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  • Sector
    Residential - Apartment
  • Status
    Completed 2017
  • Location
    New York, NY
  • Area
    1,520 sf
  • Team
    General Contractors
    Andrew Maas Carpentry
“I thought the central living area needed one strong organizing element to establish a structured entry sequence and support the family’s desire for an informal living space.”

— Simon Arnold